3 December, 2023


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WHAM!: Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do) (Unsocial Mix)

LADIES and BEAUX HOMMES fans, we give you the joy of WHAM! Don’t fret, and don’t be a “stone,” either. WHAM made some awesome dance music and feel-good tunes. This track is downright fabulous and full of love. Also, for those who think WHAM are pretty boy pop, this wrap is intense and features a youthful George Michael using some serious profanity. Is it hardcore political wrap, not really, but it does make a strong statement on young people trying to make stuff happen in a world with a bad economic downturn and uneven economic growth. UK under Thatcher wasn’t pretty, but the music sure was. 

Mix is perfect for the gym, dancing, or projects. Shopping too! Ok, enjoy what you do. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!

VIDEO: Courtesy of Retroremixes2. More hot videos, can be found here: RETROREMIXES2 – YouTube