21 February, 2024


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ACADEMY (Académies)

Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry (1828 – 1886): “Academic Study of a Man” – France – 1848

Paul Baudry (1828 - 1886), full length academic study of a man. France/French - circa 1848.

José Ortega: “Bain dans le port, la Baie d’Alger” – Spain – 1934

Bain dans le port, la Baie d'Alger (1934) by José Ortega (1877-1955), Spanish painter.Spanish artist Ortega was born in 1877, studied at the Beaux-Arts...

Alireza Shojaian: The Iranian Academic Male

MODEL: JARDIN PERSANAcrylic and color pencil on wood, by Alireza Shojaian, an Iranian artist (b. 1988 in Tehran). He started his career in both...

Laurent Marqueste: Pierre Waldeck-Rousseau Monument – France – 1909

Detail of the monument to Pierre Waldeck-Rousseau (1909) by Laurent Marqueste, jardins des Tuileries, Paris.

The Art of Atari: Book by Tim Lapetino

We love this book! It's a perfect thing to add to your home and conversation starter. The art it documents is awesome and gives...

Francisco Bayeu y Subías: “Study of Mars” – Spain – 1769

ARTWORK: Mars (Academic Study) – c.1769. From Spain, by Francisco Bayeu y Subías (1734–1795). White chalk, Black chalk on green paper. Museo Nacional del...

Emile Fabry: “Apocalypse” – Belgium – 1911

Emile Fabry (1865-1966). The title of the work is "Apocalypse." 1911 Oil on canvas. 260 x 350 cm."The end of the world never looked...

BEAUX HOMMES: “Be Like Sushi”

2024 may be a tough one. To all our readers, you're going to have to be strong, fluid like the ocean, and probably a...

Fedor Savostyanov: “Spring Waters” – Ukraine – 1929

Fedor Savostyanov, gives us a romantic view of two platonic men of the field collecting water for life. They are part of the landscape...

William-Adolphe Bouguereau: “Idylle” – France – 1851

Idylle (1851), William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905), French academic painter (oil, canvas). It is a story about love. Kisses from PARIS!!!