21 May, 2024


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Kinzinger UNLEASHES on Trump and MAGA, Delivers MUST-SEE Warning

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdkU07B8ET0 VOTE BLUE! - This is a wonderful warning and analysis by hunk, Adam Kinzinger. Don't sit this election out if you care about democracy...

Anthony Scaramucci: trump is Broke, Crazy, Negative, Dangerous, & Won’t Win

Anthony Scaramucci gives some wonderful reasons why to vote blue this year. Be part of the BLUE WAVE 2024. Don't let fascists and religious...

LEEJA MILLER: Farts, Bad Dictator Health, and Stormy Weather!

"Fuckin' decrepit! This man is old. We forget that." - Leeja Miller

LEEJA MILLER: Week 3 of The Orange Stain’s Trial

We love Leeja Miller and thank her for walking into the dark orange mud and muck. She does it for democracy, the future, and...

LEEJA MILLER – Trump Trial: Opening Arguments & The Prosecution’s First Three Witnesses

LEEJA MILLER is back! She drops the mic on what's going on in Week 2 of The Orange Stain's trial. It's soon to get...

LEEJA MILLER – Trump Trial: Everything You Need To Know (Week One)

The lovely Leeja Miller gives us a week-by-week coverage of the only Orange Stain trial that may see a conviction, that stops this train...

Deep South Wisdom: “We should have voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016!”

Tennessee Brando, is a handsome blogger living in a deep red state, gives some wisdom to those voters who want to go third party...

The 2024 Debates: Biden vs. Orange Stain (June & Sept.???)

A wonderful video by Brian Tyler Cohen, our favorite political journalist. He gives a wonderful overview on the upcoming debates between President Joe Biden...

Tale of Two Americas – 1974 vs 2024 (The Republicans have lost their souls!)

"Democracy is not a lazy person's form of government. It requires a population that is both informed and engaged." Brian Tyler Cohen breaks it all...

Brian Tyler Cohen: Shameless Book

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwTkf8Cl4zI LADIES, Kind Gentleman, and "Fabulous People," please VOTE BLUE this political season in the United States, and also add this wonderful book by Brian...