21 February, 2024


Beaux Hommes Magazine brings Paris, French stuff, fashion, and sexy men for women. Click on our articles and view our videos for our favorites.


BEAUX HOMMES, also known affectionately by its short form name BXH, is a fashion/lifestyle publication targeting a new generation of MOSTLY FEMALE lovers of French Parisian style; with healthy doses and bits of French culture, the arts, and ideas. BEAUX HOMMES is made for a “new woman” who is modern and has always dreamed of traveling, living, and working in Paris and by default, FRANCE too. The site has a unique formula summed up within its playful motto:

Paris – French Stuff Fashion & Sexy – Men 4 Women!

Paris, where fashion and dreams lives in the hearts of women and those of the female spirit. French Stuff, encompassing French ideas, ideals, style, culture, and things that are French themed, but may find themselves living and thriving outside the territorial borders of France, but “blowing kisses,” to the Franco-mind and reality of its fans worldwide. Those fans being the lovely ladies who read BEAUX HOMMES magazine. Fashion, that is a dialogue with Paris; yet not forgetting that streetwear and haute couture should be dance partners.

The two making moves and dreams, our lovely ladies need to fill their complex tastes and sophisticated minds. Fashion as language that gives power and makes magic happen for a woman and her goals.

Finally, a magazine that is “tongue & cheek,” with wit that modern women crave. BEAUX HOMMES translates into “handsome men,” or “fine men.” Our reader is the woman that wishes to win a huge lottery or receive a gigantic inheritance. With these new funds she jets off to Paris, buys a home (apartment), and finds or takes a handsome man for the ride.

Our female readers are “single ladies” too. Maybe she does all that was previously mentioned, but wants to do it “solo;” yet knowing deep down inside, she will “interview” or “review” potential male lovers like a runway show or a pair of designer shoes. Her world is at her command, and she has an appreciation for sexy men.

Demanding them and celebrating their beauty, with a wink toward the French classics of the Academy Arts Movement, and its depiction of the male figurative. Loving the macho beauty that is men, with an eye on aesthetics and historical drama. She is not there for “eye candy” alone; rather she wishes to reverse the narrative of paintings and art forms having an endless supply of “half naked” women. But rather placing her in the art critics driver’s seat and finding that men are works of art to be celebrated by beautiful women who love to love. The concept of a man that is beyond his raw flesh and goes to the point of the matter with romantic intrigue and guile. A trip for the mind and senses that take you into galleries of Paris and lecture halls and portrait studios of Europe.

She doesn’t want another fashion magazine du jour. Rather she knows what she wants and wants to move her life to Paris as envisioned by our creative team and stylists. Using the foundation of this magazine, allows her to design her own French rule book. A book that she authors with passion, love, and focus. We welcome you or as the French say, “Bienvenue à la maison.“