Summer of Sci-Fi: Mishaps Happen – But Always Stay Positive


This summer has been a crazy one. June isn’t over yet, and we have riots in Paris, WW3 predictions, killer algae, heatwaves, wildfires, AI-speculations of doom, overpopulation in India, low birth rates in the West, the decline of testosterone, and yes….inflation.

Whew!!! Who’s to blame? We don’t know and not here to discuss that. We’ll say that for the economists, scientists, and politicians. But we do know one thing. Never give up!!!! A positive mindset changes it all for the better.

Dreams are like rocket ships to the stars. They blast off and sometimes they encounter rough space, asteroids, killer androids, and that crazy girl trying to take your man, while you and your girlfriends are trying to make a living in an all-girl band. Oh well, maybe the aliens have better answers. Probably not. But regardless of “shady bitches,” keep pushing through to your dreams. The answers and solutions will come. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!