Summer of Sci-Fi 2023 is Here!!! – 06.01.2023 to 09.01.2023


SUMMER OF SCI-FI: 06.01.2023 to 09.01.2023

SUMMER OF SCI-FI 2023 is here! From all of us here at BEAUX HOMMES magazine, we thank you for stopping by this summer.

We’re planning a large super-issue, that will run from 06.01.2023 to 09.01.2023. We’re doing daily posts on everything science fiction. The fun will incredible. The topics will vary and we’ll be looking at the best science fiction has to offer from the decades of the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and those 2000s too. Sci-fi has warned and inspired. Some stuff is coming to past. Watch science fiction and learn it’s lessons. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!