4 December, 2023


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PINK FLOYD: High Hopes (Extended Retro Remix)

Church bells open and make you think of long walks through PARIS, or anywhere else in France. For some, it will be another Euro destination. Regardless, the mood and ambiance are the same from this tune. A long format Classic Rock track that is sure to make one relax or have deep thoughts of reflection and hope. 

The mix is over 10 minutes of music, and Pink Floyd delivers every minute with grace and talent. Their vocals make you think of your destiny, hopes, and dreams. It gives a warning about sleep walking and looking for truth. This mix is perfect for creative projects, fashion shows with messages, relaxing, cardio, or car cruising. Pink Floyd always shining the light on deep thoughts and goals. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!

VIDEO: Courtesy of Ramsey Hagar. A wonderful YouTube channel full of “rare gem” mixes for those who desire music with meaning. Please support and subscribe: Ramsey Hagar – YouTube