12 June, 2024


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Neuromancer: The Origin of Cyberpunk | A Horrifying Dystopia

Ladies and Gentleman, we present Quinn Ideas. A handsome vlogger that knows all things sci-fi. Very handsome actually. But Quinn is more than a “pretty face,” he’s a well researched Renaissance Man that can give you solid insights on science fiction topics, books, films, and new concepts that are soon to emerge. Sit back and expand your mind.

Kisses from PARIS!!!

VIDEO: Courtesy of Quinn’s Ideas – YouTube


Even if you are not familiar with Neuromancer by William Gibson you still technically have seen it, this is the case with many groundbreaking works of science fiction because t ropes invented in books like Neuromancer have become standard in science fiction since, especially within the genre we now know as cyberpunk.

Neuromancer is undeniably one of the most influential works of science fiction ever crafted. Credited with establishing the cyberpunk genre, alongside Ridley Scott’s 1982 film Blade Runner, Gibson’s masterpiece diverges from the far-future or galactic settings often explored in science fiction. Instead, it unfolds on Earth in the not-too-distant future, capturing a time when society grapples with the relentless pandemonium resulting from rapid technological and cultural changes and advancements. ????

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