16 April, 2024


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MICHAEL LOWE: “Tu es très beau!” (Le Interview)

“Tu es très beau!”

LADIES, the French word for “specimen,” is modèle. Actually, in the French language the word for specimen has many meanings and words. They are:

échantillon; monstre; modèle; spécimen; exemple; exemplaire; maquette; type; numéro.

In both languages, specimen has two meanings. One, “a sampling of a larger group;” or the second one being “the best of breed.” We love the second one. Referring to the allegorical stallion ready to be commanded, by a woman who knows what she wants from a man. The words are many, like the facets of this sexy online personality. 

Michael Lowe is an influencer, muscle enthusiast (le culturiste), Renaissance man, writer, and a work of art that has been online and social media circles for some years now. Featuring a blend of macho charm with the down-to-Earth love of the men from the Midwest (USA). First discovered by our sister publication, the fabulous MILANO411.com magazine. No more introductions are needed. We give you MICHAEL LOWE (enjoy Ladies!!!).

1. What is sexy in a woman to you?

Confidence… A strong, confident woman is the most incredibly sexy thing to me. I am an alpha by nature, but if a woman is interested in me, I love it when she is not intimidated, and makes her move.

2. What about French women do you like?

Being an American, the first thing is the sweet sound of a French woman’s voice, especially when that beautiful accent is being whispered in my ear. French women are very cultured, and sophisticated. But in general, France has some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

3. Can women be too strong?

Unfortunately, yes. As I said earlier, a confident strong woman is a huge turn on to me. But I am an “alpha,” so being dominated is not in my wheelhouse.

4. Romantic date with you? What is that like? 

It would start with dinner. I love to cook, so I quiet candlelight dinner that I make for her, is how it would start. Just the two of us. Soft, slow music playing in the background… Some wine, and good conversation during dinner, would lead to a slow, graceful dance after. The way our bodies feel together, moving in sync with the music, is beautiful. I would look deep into her eyes, and if the mood is right, pull her gently against me, and the dance with a slow, warm kiss… The rest of the evening you will have to use your imagination… some things cannot be planned; they just happen in the moment. 


5. Where do you like to be touched?

I am a very physical person. Holding hands, kissing, caressing are all extremely important to me. But I absolutely love to feel a woman lay her hands on my chest.


6. What do you do to stay in shape?

Well, I go to the gym six days a week, and try to keep my diet clean and healthy. It is one of those things that becomes a lifestyle, not just an activity. And hopefully, with all of that hard work, it is visually pleasing to the ladies.


7. Favorite book?

I am an avid fan of Stephen King. It is exceptionally hard to pick a favorite book, but he has written a series called The Dark Tower. I would have to say that all of those are my favorite. When I read, I get lost in the novel. And that particular series, takes me away every time.


8. If you were a museum piece, what would the sign under the painting, sculpture or work of art say?

My plaque would definitely say, “Please touch the art.” I believe art should be an experience, not just a visual.



PUBLISHER’S NOTE: BEAUX HOMMES magazine for women and those of the female spirit, would like to thank both Michael Lowe and our sister publication MILANO411.com for this wonderful interview. Your assistance and guidance was warmly welcomed by all of us here in within the Paris office. To our readers, please check out our other publications, like MILANO411.com (http://www.MILANO411.com)