18 July, 2024


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Jan. 6th Riots & What It Means to Women (and other Dreamers)?

Trump and his MAGA extremists are a serious threat to democracy and an insult to the oath so many of our Troops fight for or died to defend. They MUST be held accountable. People must pay attention and know that this election is not to missed or dismissed. LADIES, Kind Gentleman, and all “Fabulous People,” you need to vote BLUE. THIRD PARTY NONSENSE WILL GIVE YOU TRUMP 2.0, without a doubt. So much is on the line. Women’s rights, gay rights, minority rights and achievements, also the attempted erasure and censuring of the progressive history of the last 50 to 100 years. 

This assault on our Capitol is unforgivable and cannot be allowed to happen again. It was planned and had a purpose. That purpose is to make dystopian visions a reality and all authored by the far right and all lovers of fascism.

Kisses from PARIS!!!


@potus @joebiden: “In trying to rewrite the facts of #January6, Trump is trying to steal history in the same way he tried to steal the election.

But we know the truth, because we saw it with our own eyes.

Trump’s crowd was not peaceful and didn’t respect the rule of law. It was a violent assault. DEMOCRACY IS A FRAGILE THING. IT MUST BE SECURED AND PROTECTED!!!