12 June, 2024


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Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Relax (Peter Rauhofer’s Doomsday Club Mix)

Relax (Peter Rauhofer’s Doomsday Club Mix) (youtube.com)

We proudly celebrate 40 years of RELAX, by the genius that is Frankie Goes to Hollywood. What a band! What a “frontman,” in Holly Johnson. The pride of Liverpool and the music for all those who love “Dirty Disco.” Labels don’t matter, but that name sums up the sound that was hardcore dance with heavy influences of disco, punk, rock, and soul. Vocals and lyrics that make you think and also know the song isn’t about sex. It’s about freedom!

Kisses from PARIS!!!

This classic mix by the legendary Peter Rauhofer, is beyond epic with a title that is fitting for our current times. The song is perfect for car cruising, shopping, fashion shows, the gym, cardio, or working on those dream projects.

Kisses from PARIS!!!!

VIDEO (REMIX): Courtesy of Frankie Goes To Hollywood – YouTube

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ORIGINAL VIDEO (Perfect for the Creative Set):

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Official Video) (youtube.com)