13 July, 2024


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Harbor / Jeter l’ancre un seul jour (French Film w/English Subs)

A film that must be seen and experienced. Harbor is a human story with a strong French edge in storytelling. The cinematography features striking nautical beauty that is juxtaposed against a strong female character who loves to help people. We won’t ruin the rest. This is a wonderful film.

Kisses from PARIS!!!



Directed by: Paul Marques Duarte
Produced by: Blue Hour Films
Genre: Fiction – Runtime: 25 min 2 seconds
Production year: 2018

When, on the spur of the moment, Adèle, an English teacher, allows a fifteen-year-old migrant to quietly join in with her group of high school students as they board the ferry to the United Kingdom, she could not have imagined the significance of her act and the effect it would have on their journey across the Channel.

VIDEO (TRAILER): Courtesy of UniFrance. Please subscribe to their wonderful YouTube channel for some of the best in French cinema.

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