LADIES, and fans of BEAUX HOMMES magazine; we would like to wish you a fun and sexy Halloween this month of October. The French call October:


Well, this is the month candy and sweets. Romance with treats, and hopefully the tricks are always skillfully done in the bedroom with romance and love. Those bedroom tricks are the best. We wish everyone worldwide a safe and fun Halloween. Costume with fun and love and respect. But it’s Halloween, so let loose. Know when certain costumes are more appropriate for an adult or “grown folks,” gathering, versus the younger set. Also, be positive and happy.

Ok, we’ve said enough. Kisses from PARIS!!!

The Staff of BEAUX HOMMES Magazine…


“More men should dress like the 1980s horror movies. We’re big fans here in the Paris office. But be sure to add some MUSCLE. Bones are for soup. Kisses from PARIS!!!”