LADIES, and French film fans; we present a lovely gem of a film from the wonderful studios of UniFrance. This film is socio-political movie that covers contemporary politics in France. The film does a wonderful job documenting the economic realities of living in modern France, and the people that new developments in globalism, shifting markets, and income inequality is explored. This film is perfect for college students, or those planning to visit France.

Kisses from PARIS!!!


Directed by: Emmanuel Gras
Produced by: Les Films Velvet
Genre: Documentary – Runtime: 1 h 44 min
French release: 23/02/2022
Production year: 2021

October 2018, France. Macron’s government decrees a tax increase on the price of fuel. A wave of protests starts to grow. Citizens mobilize throughout the country: this is the beginning of the Yellow Vests movement. In Chartres, a group of men and women gather daily. Among them, Agnès, Benoît, Nathalie and Allan commit themselves to the collective struggle. Like a whole nation, they discover that they have a voice to be heard…

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A French Revolution de Emmanuel Gras (2021) – Unifrance