13 July, 2024


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Frankie Goes To Hollywood : Warriors of the Wasteland (Blank and Jones 201 Mix,

Love this song! A true disco-neopunk classic. Showing the wrongs of society of the day. The truths presented, are still relevant in the 21st century. The song has the trademark, “dirty disco” sound of the talented Frankie Goes To Hollywood, but combined with a solid punk rock sound and pumped by the awesome vocals of band “front man,” Holly Johnson. 

The song is perfect for projects and is a long-format mix that is sure to add value to any playlist. Perfect for projects, dancing, deep thoughts, the gym, cardio, shopping and of course; car cruising. Slow down, you may get a ticket!

Kisses from PARIS!!!

VIDEO: Courtesy of Hibs Mix – YouTube

This is an awesome YouTube channel packed with incredible remixes of dance classics. Please support and subscribe.