20 February, 2024


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Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Is Anybody Out There?

We love this long-format mix of the classic, “Is Anybody Out There?” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. A band and sound that was decades ahead of their time. The song is beautiful and perfect for relaxing and thinking deep thoughts. The track is an extended mix and consists of over 16 minutes of funk and rock’n’roll fun. The song is intense with the mood of love. The love of being attracted to someone who doesn’t always notice your finer points. The track is perfect for slow dancing with the one you love, working on projects, or relaxed cardio. Also a wonderful car cruising song for a trip. It’s mellow, so be prepared for the beauty. Holly Johnson vocals are spectacular and the rest of the band delivers too. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!

VIDEO: Courtesy of Man the Saint. An awesome YouTube channel packed with some “rare gems” that are sure to lift your spirits and feel happy and young again.

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PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Frankie Goes To Hollywood is reuniting for a concert! We’re more than thrilled! Get all the great information from their FB page:

Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Official) | Facebook

The music of Frankie Goes To Hollywood is the soundtrack for all of here at BEAUX HOMMES magazine. We want to thank FGTH for the memories and music that is forever timeless and describes the 2020s with perfection. Thanks to all our readers who sent in wonderful feedback about the mixes we highlight for your pleasure. The Pleasure Dome is now open!