ACADEMY (Académies): Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry – “Jacob Wrestling the Angel” – France – 1860


Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry was a French painter, who was famous and talented in the creation of monumental murals in the 1800s. This piece is entitled, “Jabob Wrestling the Angel.” The piece features a female angel. Other artists in the European tradition have done this theme, and have also done the work featuring a male angel too. 

Baudry was an influential and very successful French muralist and painter of the 1800s. His most notable works were his mural decorations, for the Paris Court of Cassation, at the famous Château de Chantilly, and some private studios and residences of the artistic Hôtel Fould and equally fabulous Hôtel Paivabut. The most notable, of course being the decorations of the foyer of the Opera Garnier.



Baudry showed talent as a young man. Winning scholarships in “artist-in-residence” programs and studied in Italy, and later returning to Paris. His work started with portraits and later expanded to historical or biblical themes. Later exploring themes of the French Revolution and the founding of the various post-revolutionary French republics. Baudry never married, although art historians have tracked several reliable rumors of “bastard children” born to prostitutes and few notable relations with mostly women. Although, there is a tale of a love affair with another male artist. But this rumor has never been verified.