ACADEMY (Académies): Jared French – “Fire Island Thoughts” – USA – 1953



From the fabulous and talented Jared French. An artist who was friends and lovers with the equally famous Paul Cadmus. This work known as “Fire Island Thoughts,” dates from the 1950s. Many art historians of academic art thinking it was created between the years 1951 to 1953. A man allows himself to be drawn on a sofa of a beach house. Brown tones used throughout for this wonderful piece of work done for the Magic Realism school. 

On top of being intimately involved with Paul Cadmus, Jared French was also married and had a wife too. Interesting history and collabs, that we’ll explore in future issues of BEAUX HOMMES. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!



Jared French was an American painter who was active in both the production and scholarship definition of artworks within the school of Magic Realism. 

More information and photographical records can be seen at The Met:

George Platt Lynes | Jared French | The Metropolitan Museum of Art (