Year of the Shark / L’Année du requin (2022)


Year of The Shark Film_UniFrance_2022

LADIES and lovers of French cinema; this is an incredible comedy with a strong female lead. Maja is soon to retire and gets to battle the local beach’s monster shark of the waters. Perfect for those who want to learn about life in Southern France. Kisses from PARIS!!!

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Directed by: Ludovic Boukherma, Zoran Boukherma
Produced by: Les Films Velvet, Baxter Films
Genre: Fiction
French release: 03/08/2022
Production year: 2021

The disappearance of a vacationer puts the Atlantic Coast on high alert: a shark is prowling in the French waters! Maja, a coast guard on the verge of retirement, goes on her last mission to save the bay…

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