Thomas J. Gillott: “Life Class” – 1912 – UK


We love British academic art. A lovely piece by Thomas J. Gillott (1886–1913) – Life Class, 1912. It shows a female academic student drawing a man in “life class.” By the early 1900s, it was OK for women to work with male models, under specific situations. That would be a classroom setting, a female chaperone, and normally a g-string or posing pouch. Some classes would feature full-frontal classical, but the model had to be selected by the professor and most female students had to get a permission slip signed by their guardians. You’ve come a long way ladies. Remember this before listening to extreme, art-hating conservatives. Know your history!

Kisses from PARIS!!!

The Piece:
Oil on canvas
74.9 x 54.6 cm
Nottingham City Museums & Galleries, UK