The African Doctor / Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont


This is a beautiful film. A story of an accomplished African doctor, from Congo (DRC) getting a job and path to citizenship in 1970s France. Instead of landing in Paris, the position takes him to a small rural farming village. They meet professional acceptance, but it is a hard road, because they’re the first black family in the town. Interpersonal connections to the larger community are hard too. 

The story is a wonderfully told. It tells the story of Africans in France during this period. It tells the tale of people dealing with diversity and meeting new people, who aren’t French. This is an awesome film for anyone who is human and likes to laugh and celebrate the dignity of people.

Kisses from PARIS!!!

ABOUT (Director’s Notes):

Directed by: Julien Rambaldi
Produced by: E.D.I. Films, Moana Films, Curiosa Films
Genre: Fiction – Runtime: 1 h 36 min
French release: 08/06/2016
Production year: 2016

In 1975, Seyolo Zantoko, a graduate doctor from Kinshasa, grabs the opportunity of becoming a country doctor in a small French village.

When they arrive in Marly-Gomont, Seyolo and his family quickly become disillusioned. The village inhabitants are afraid; this is the first time they’ve ever seen African people. But Seyolo is determined to succeed and will do everything he can to win the villagers’ trust.