Summer of Sci-Fi: What We Learned From Sarah Connor? (In matters of love)


SUMMER OF SCI-FI: 06.01.2023 to 09.01.2023

LADIES and gentleman, in matters off love; we pivot your attention to the lovely “career girl,” Sarah Connor. Her future, at the time unknown to her and

  1. Find love that lasts a lifetime and several centuries. What did we learn from Sarah Connor?
  2. Time travel is real and has the key to true love.
  3. Younger men are sometimes better.
  4. Fall in love with a man who’s willing to give his all for you. That’s not old fashion, its actually futurism personified, minus space travel or a singularity.
  5. A university degree is nice, however, “street smarts” help you navigate rough situations.
  6. Never be afraid of a naked guy that comes through a time portal.
  7. Sometimes the strange guy in the club in the military trench coat isn’t that bad. But of course, use your discretion when you find yourself in similar situation. 
  8. The dance music of the 1980s is still classic today and perfect for listening too, as you walk the streets of Paris. (See our Music column)
  9. You can always judge a “good man” by his eyes.
  10. Also, do push-ups, when you’re locked up. If they call you crazy, always know you’re right. Additionally, you’ll have an incredible body too.