13 July, 2024


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Spring Into Love & Commitment

LADIES, Gentleman, and all the “Fabulous People” with their beautiful rainbow dreams; March is here, and it will not disappoint.

If coupled, your project is to renew your commitment in love and respect for one another. Why should Feb. be all about love. Make the other ten months count on that subject and focus on creating some hot date nights. Focus on love and turn away from outside noise. Do goal setting together and learn to live off of one check, and bank the rest for future dreams; and of course a trip to Paris.

FOR THE SINGLES, you have a tough road ahead. Many bumps, a lot of tolls, and some places that GPS can’t find. Know this. Those with faith, focus, and positive thoughts get to finish line of love. If you want a mate with meaning, make a plan on where to go where the singles are looking. Make a decision to make your list have two categories. Category 1, Those Looking for Love (that leads to relationships) and Category 2, The Flesh Market. Make a commitment on what column you wish to be in. Then take these standards into the dating marketplace. Somewhere on this wonderful planet, is someone for you. If you are of the Flesh Market, we say enjoy and have safe sex, and try not to break too many hearts. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!