Russian Artist: Sergey Sovkov – “The Play of Light & Shadow” – Insert Year


ARTWORK: Artist – Sergey Sokov, Russia – 1951 – “The Play of Light and Shadow”


Sergey Sokov was an academic painter that was active during the Soviet period in Russia, capturing heroic stances of Russian men and the brotherhood of the male populace. With “modern eyes,” we see homoeroticism. But rather his portraits are a “snapshot” in the “day-in-the-life” type of artistic commentary. He captures two young friends, enjoying life after a swim. This is a post-war pic of the first few years after WW2. Bathing suits and the other accoutrements are not available to Russian factory workers, during the communist days.

An interesting study of men comfortable with each other without “sexual context.” Although it may be there, the viewer should remember homophobia was rampant during this time and it was against the law to be gay in this period of Russian history. We love the green and naturalism of the piece. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!