21 May, 2024


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Kamala Harris In Paris

Who cares? She’s made history or Herstory. We as citizens can be so jaded. In the history of the USA, she is the only woman VP to have served. Yet, the Trump Circus sycophants in the American press worship “The Orange One.” Every European country has had a female head of state or very high up. The USA is behind the times. France is the exception, and we pray Le Pen doesn’t break that ceiling. Let it go to another lady (non-fascist too). She bought or purchased some plates. Who cares??? Kamala Harris has taste and least she didn’t pay a hooker to keep quiet about their affair prior to the 2016 Republican primary and the general election. We’ll follow this and we’re still routing for Kamala Harris. She broke the ceiling.

Maybe she’s in the market for a French hammer to break another ceiling in 2028?