HALLOWEEN ISSUE: Wer (French Werewolf Thriller)



The werewolf film is reborn is this incredible and thoughtful retelling of the classic. Set in France, the story takes us from Lyon to Paris, and other rural destinations within the nation. It is the story of an American lawyer, who is an expat and fluent in French coming to the defense of a man accused of heinous crimes. The science is very good in this flick and this could easily be science fiction film for our annual Summer of Sci-Fi super-issue. But the “Halloween Vibes” are heavy here and the storytelling is wonderful. This is an intelligent film made for men, women, and couples that want more than a “slasher” film. Also, for those who love France or want a French theme this Halloween, WER is a film that you should add to your watchlist. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!

ABOUT (Director’s Notes):

Witness the rebirth of a legend in WER, a spine-tingling descent into true terror. When a vacationing family is brutally murdered, an intrepid attorney, Kate Moore (A.J. Cook), is assigned to defend Talan (Brian Scott O’Connor), the main suspect and mysterious loner with a strange medical condition. As she delves into his shadowy past and runs scientific tests to prove his innocence, Talan’s darker instincts soon surface with unparalleled violence. As Talan slashes and shreds his way to freedom, Kate must stop the atrocity she’s unleashed before the city is torn apart limb by bloody limb.

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VIDEO (Trailer): Courtesy of Focus Features – YouTube

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