HALLOWEEN ISSUE: Bones (A Snoop Dogg Horror Classic)



BONES, is an awesome urban horror tale, made for those who sometimes horror lacks quality diversity and some films “pale in comparison,” to tell the story of the African American experience. The story tells the tale of a proud community man who builds a thriving business in Chicago’s African American community. Due to racism and betrayal, he is killed. His vengeful spirit seeks to settle the score. 

The film features the lovely and multi-talented Pam Grier. Her beauty and talent, shows that age is only a number. The rest of the cast is wonderful, and this is an incredible film. Snoop delivers a stellar performance that is frightening and authentic.

Kisses from PARIS!!!

VIDEO (Trailer): Courtesy of Horror Trailers HD – YouTube

Bones (2001) – Trailer in 1080p – YouTube