21 May, 2024


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HALLOWEEN ISSUE: Catacombs (1988)


Under the city of Paris, are the catacombs. A massive maze of bones relocated to make room for the living. However, this film has nothing to do with the historical place under the city of Paris. But rather, this was an Italian horror classic, that was partially dubbed for English-speaking markets, starring the lovely Laura Schaefer.

In the 17th century, an order of monks in Italy captures and entomb a demon possessed man. The man is a member of their church or order. A total of four centuries past (400 years), and the monastery is hosting a visiting teacher doing research on the legend. What she and a very handsome priest later realize that the legend is true and desperately trying to raise its ugly head. 

The film takes off from this point and is entertaining and scary. We won’t ruin any spoilers, but if your a person of deep faith, this film may not be for you. Hunky and very sexy Timothy Van Patten plays the priest. He gives the part soul and wonderful delivery too. Well-acted for sure. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!