12 June, 2024


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HALLOWEEN ISSUE: 09.15.2023 to 10.31.2023 (Full Moons & Hairy Backs!)

HALLOWEEN ISSUE: 09.15.2023 to 10.31.2023


Full moon madness and other things that go “bump in the night.” We hope and pray for our readers, it’s a romantic encounter with the one you love; versus something from the “supernatural realm.” Love sometimes feels like a curse. But for those who know how to find it, cherish it, and grow it; this notion isn’t true in any aspect.

We’ll be using the Halloween Issue and season to explore the “tricks” and “treats,” of French Horror cinema, Hollywood gems from America, and other scary frights from both the UK and other parts of Europe too.  All of them will have two things in common.  They will be “strong female” characters and/or “sexy men.”  Handsome faces and bods, that are sure to keep the nightmares away.

We’ll be exploring legends and places of interest in France and Europe as a whole. Some of it will be scary. Other posts will disturb you. But know this; you’ll be entertained and learn new things. Transformation is always good, unless your a werewolf. But a beast in the bedroom is normally a good thing. However, if you have that type of lover, a chain and dog collar may be needed. Reversing the spell may be needed. Regardless, our Halloween Issue will always focus on the beauty of men and what they offer. Remember all monsters were once men. And all men aren’t always monsters, regardless of what the feminists have tried to tell the world for the last fifty years. That is a discussion for another post.

Kisses from PARIS!!!