21 February, 2024


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Frankie Goes To Hollywood: The Waves (Rock Mix)

Summer is almost here. BEAUX HOMMES offers a classic from one of our most beloved groups, with handsome men making the tunes. That would be Frankie Goes To Hollywood. The “lads” from Liverpool are reuniting for select concerts. We’re happy to see it happen. 

This song is not well known, as the classics of “Relax” and “Welcome To The Pleasuredome,” however, the song gives nothing but love. “The Waves,” is a track that is sure to pull you in with seductive and powerful vocals, combined with a nice “slow-jam” guitar. The song is perfect for car cruising, projects, loving, and deep thoughts. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!

VIDEO: Courtesy Man the Saint Music. A wonderful YouTube channel loaded with awesome mixes.

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