Engraving: “Zeus as God of the Heavens” – After François -Alexandre Verdier – 1688


Zeus as God of the Heavens

An allegory from the world of astrology (circa 1600s). Zeus, a well-known figure from classical Greco-Roman mythology supporting a large celestial globe on a rocky ledge, on which is inscribed the scales of the ‘Libra’ sign. A compass and slab with scrolls of geometrical designs are resting at the base of the rock (lower left). Striking a strong and masculine pose, about the powers of controlling our world. Matched with a sexy beard too. 

This is the engraving, which was made for mass reproductions in books. After François -Alexandre Verdier (c. 1651 – 1730) a French painter, draftsman and engraver. He was a famous student and assistant of the legendary Charles Le Brun.