12 June, 2024


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Darren Lee Cupp: Tough Exterior with a Teddy Bear Heart

HELLO HANDSOME!!! (Le Interview – Entretien avec un acteur sexy.)

Hunk, Hottie, Renaissance Man, Thespian, Actor, Dog Lover, Adventurer, Romantic, Lover, Friend, Beautiful Smile, Nice Beard, Lips, Passionate, Goal Driven, and a must have for today’s modern woman. We went to our version of Webster Dictionary and these were the words next to Darren’s photos. 

Darren is sexy, charming, and has a personality that is sure to place smiles on women’s faces. He’s funny and has confidence without the ego annoying arrogance that some men have. Alpha is in fibers, yet it’s not obnoxious. We asked him to describe himself and this is what our thespian hunk said:

“Describe myself.??? Hmmm I would say I am confident and dance to my own beat. I love inspiring people to see better in themselves.  

Tough looking exterior with a teddy bear heart ????”
We won’t waste anymore of your time with our introduction. Stars rarely need long intros. We’ll let Darren tell you what he’s about, his thoughts on entertaining women, and his views on life.
Kisses from PARIS!!!


What have you been up to handsome?
“So much. I have had quite a few films come out in the last year and I am producing a pretty big one starring a lot of stars from the Nightmare on Elms Street franchise.”
What do women find sexy in your man fur?
“I think you would have to ask them :).” 
What are you doing stay so physically fit?
“I try to work out at least 3 times a week but with my schedule it gets really hard to do that. I hope to pick that back up again and make it more regular again.”
Favorite color?
“Red for sure!” 
What film projects or ideas are you interested in doing in the near future?
“I am excited to film a comedy. I really would love to just continue working with people I love being around and growing as an actor and a performer.”
What’s is your idea of a romantic date with a beautiful woman?
“I love anything outside. I like being out in the elements, feeling the wind, the light, hearing the trees and nature. There is nothing more romantic to me than a walk and holding hands.”
How is the dancing going?
“Busy as ever. Have a few competitions slated for 2024 and always, the studio is booked!”
If you were an apartment, house, or loft (your body and mind); what would the ad for prospective buyers say? Especially for female buyers!
“A little worn down but built tough, will last a lifetime, and oozes charm and style.” ????
Plans for 2024?
“I have a busy 2024 planned already. I have a couple of films slated with WWE superstar Al Snow. Another film with Lisa Wilcox from Nightmare on Elm Street 4 and 5, and another one schedule with Felissa Rose from Terrifier 2 and Sleep Away Camp. Of course, I am most excited for the Emerald Forest which I’m starring and producing. It is a passion project that has so much heart. It will appeal to all audiences a lot, but especially to women.”


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