Daedalus & Icarus Engraving – G.S. & J.G. Facius (after Charles Le Brun) – France – 1779



“Daedalus and Icarus,” Stipple engraving by G.S. and J.G. Facius (1779), after Charles Le Brun (1619-1690), French/France.

These engravings were for books and framed prints. The work depicts Le Brun’s work of the classic story from Greek mythology. The original painting was made in 1645 (see below for details).



Charles Le Brun was a French painter and teacher of the arts. He was a successful court painter to King Louis XIV, who then officially declared him “the greatest French artist of all time,” He was a dominant figure in 17th-century French art and was strongly influenced by the incredible Nicolas Poussin. Charles Le Brun did the original painting that the engraving was made from during those times, in 1645.