Champagne Dreams with Bubbles (Lots of Hope Too!)


It’s here and you’re living it! 2024 arrived like a new lover or a pair of designer shoes. You say no, I don’t see the optimism BEAUX HOMMES magazine. You and your team are drinking too much champagne and looking at too many sexy men. We say YES, and Qui will survive! This is your year LADIES, Kind Gentleman, and all the “Fabulous People” and your rainbow dreams. 

Don’t let adversity, people with small minds, worldviews, and big on ignorance ruin your day in Paris. Whether you come and visit us in the flesh or just keep Paris as a state of mind. You will survive by following a simple formula. Rest, relax, have some sex or love (or both), spend time with pets and family, and just dance. But most of all DREAM. DREAM like there is no tomorrow. Don’t let growing fascism and despotic dreams of the Orange Cheetoh Wanna-Be Dictator stop you mojo. Dreams are powered by hope and champagne bubbles.

Kisses from PARIS!!!