ACADEMY (Académies): Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg – “Ulysses Fleeing the Cave of Polyphemus” – Denmark – 1812


Ulysses Fleeing the Cave of Polyphemus, 1812, Princeton University Art Museum, painted while under the tutelage of Jacques-Louis David.

Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (January 2nd, 1783 – July 22nd, 1853) was a prominent and successful academic Danish painter. He was born in the city Blåkrog in the southern part of Jutland within Denmark. He is the main creator and considered “the father” of the period known as the Golden Age of Danish Painting; and is referred to as the “Father of Danish Painting.” He had a strong love of capturing the male physique and did Greco-Roman or Biblical themes. He was married and one year after the death of his first wife, he later married her sister. 


Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg – Self Portrait – 1811