ACADEMY (Académies): Bernard Bénézet – “The Reclining Male” – 1858 – France



“The Reclining Male” – 1858, by Bernard Benezet (1835-1897), France/French, oil/canvas.


Bernard Bénézet (1835-1897), was a very successful senior regional painter trained at the School of Fine Arts in the city of Toulouse. He was as a student of the established Hippolyte Flandrin of in Paris with which he remained a friend, until his death. Bernard Bénézet held the grand prize of Paris and there he remained until the year 1863. Later setting up a successful academic salon, specializing in the Greco-Roman male academic style. Later, returning to Toulouse, he was a decorator of churches he was also author of profane works and of medieval and historical subjects. His writings were sometimes considered controversial. Not much is known about his personal life. He did father two children, but many rumors of other affairs still ring in academic circles.

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