13 July, 2024


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ACADEMY (Académies): Anton Kolig – Germany – “Männliches Aktpaar” – 1925

LADIES and art fans, we present a talented artist who specialized in Duo Male projects, but also did a lot of religious themed pieces for churches. His career was hindered by the evil Nazi regime and its “War on Art.” He stayed strong and worked in secret during the war years of the horrors that WW2 Germany brought upon the world. To our GAY readers, take pride in the fact he wanted to express love. Although actively gay, many of his Duo Male projects are not gay themed. Rather he is capturing the Greco-Roman ideal. Others are 100% gay. His work is still discovered worldwide and we’ll be discussing him more in future posts. Remember, FIGHT FOR LOVE is eternal and you must be strong to fight for artistic expression. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!


Anton Kolig, “Männliches Aktpaar” (“Male Nude Pair”), 1925.
(Oil on canvas, 72 x 54 cm. [28.3 x 21.3 in.]) Kolig was a successful gay artist and the Nazis destroyed most of his work, and his career too. Thanks to brave art historians and photographs, his work lives on for the future.



Originally from Austria and grew up in the city of Vienna. During the First World War (WW1), starting in the year 1916, he was in active military service, worked as a military artist in Vienna. Later after having a successful career in his country, he moved to Germany. He taught life drawing classes and was a popular teacher and artist. 

Due to his politics, his career was sabotaged by the evils of the Nazi regime and their “War on Art.” His work was labeled “degenerate art,” and most of it was destroyed. He was smart enough to preserve some key pieces and thanks to the bravery of art historians who stored some pieces in their attics, his work lives on. The artist was proudly gay and did Duo Art works of men, but also did Man & Woman art projects too.