The Philosophy Of Voltaire | The Pen That Defined An Age


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The Philosophy Of Voltaire | The Pen That Defined An Age

LADIES, sit back and enjoy the wonders of VOLTAIRE. His wisdom still shines in these strange times. Also, his work ethic was impressive and should be copied.

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Voltaire, the man whose pen defined the French revolution, the philosophy that brought the masses out of the ignorance and superstition that engulfed the 18th century. Voltaire was many things during his life (1694-1778). This video will focus on his contribution to western philosophy. This includes works such as the Philosophical Dictionary, the Encyclopedia, the Philosophical Letters, Elements of the Philosophy of Newton, and An Essay on Universal History, the manners, and spirit of nations. While these works will not be covered in their entirety, they will be summarized with a few points in order to get a grasp on their value and meaning in the life of Voltaire. If eastern and western philosophy interests you think about subscribing to this channel. I plan to cover any and all philosophies from the Pre-Socratics before the Common Era to the most prominent philosophers of the modern age.