13 July, 2024


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Prepare for March: Make 2 Goals & Push Forward!

March is almost here and it’s time to tap into the “Gemini Spirit of Change.” What’s that you say? Or you may say with in Paris, “porquoi.” We say in both our NYC and Paris office, “Why Not!”

The first quarter of the year is almost complete and for those who had late starts due to New Year’s partying (those hangovers), depression (Girl get yourself together, men too!), or just plain lazy; the time is now. 

The time is made for those, who step up and make beauty, order, love, and focused goal-oriented plans a reality. Consider a 2-step approach. Take a pad a paper and write down two goals that can be done by April 1st, that will impact your path for this year. That simple.

Kisses from PARIS!!!