NO SHAVE NOVEMBER: 2023 Reflections…


Tomorrow marks the last day for our incredible supper-issue dedicated to the beast called man. This issue is always fun to do and marks the 2nd time BEAUX HOMMES magazine has done it. We’re currently entering YEAR 3 of the magazine and want to take the time to thanks all our readers. 

We appreciate and love your support. The issue validates our deepest held beliefs, that the man covered in some ample fur is beyond sexy and thing to be admired by LADIES and men who love men. But also a source of pride for those hetero/straight men that also read our magazine. All are welcomed here! 

Ok, we have some more hot stuff coming out tomorrow. Some articles that didn’t make it this month will be seen in Dec. and you’ll also get some that are more of a natural fit for Dec.

We’ll see you again in 2024. Bring the fur and the sex appeal. The LADIES love it! (Others too!).

Kisses from PARIS!!!