13 July, 2024


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Julian Hsiung: Beautiful Young Men Show (12.08.2023 to 12.17.2023)

“Place art in your mind and hearts. The seeds of an expanded mind, begin there.” – BEAUX HOMMES Magazine

Julian Hsiung

NYC academic artist, is having a wonderful show of his work in NYC. The show is entitled, Young Beautiful Men. The show is paintings and drawings by the artist. Julian Hsiung, captures the shapes and energies of masculine men. The works are academic studies, with touches of what some would call eroticism. The men are sexy, handsome, and some of the paintings are quite virile. 

Showing men in all nude states is the focus, but he also plays with color and light, to create the mood of romanticism. Go check it out in NYC and enjoy.

Kisses from PARIS!!!

IMAGES: Courtesy of Julian Hsuing. Please support and share the art of this very talented artist and man. Please share his for-sale links too! It takes fans of academic art to support it.