Jean Lepautre: “Man in a Landscape” – France – 1644


Man in a Landscape – Academic studies (17th century). Academic study done by Jean Lepautre (1618-1682), French/France. engraving.

The work shows a strong man atop a hill, drawn in a Greco-Roman style of a young Apollo. The artist shows both strength and artistry of the man.

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Jean Lepautre (baptised 28 June 1618; died 2 February 1682), was a painter and engraver. He was the elder brother of the famous architect, Antoine Lepautre. 

In 1677 he became a member of the French Academy as a dessignateur and graveur, and his designs were numerous. He did designs of fountains, monuments, and male studies. Also, he was well known for his official portraits for the upper class and published academics.