16 April, 2024


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CHANEL: The 2021/22 Métiers d’art Show

The 2021/22 Métiers d’art Show — CHANEL Shows

LADIES, one of our favorite shows from Paris Fashion Week. CHANEL showed us the future of fashion is the intersection of architecture, art, and presentation. The show had a flow to it that made it pure serenity to watch. The looks all wearable and a few ones made for young women who spend time in the gym and want to show off some “body” for the fashion season. The fabric was divine, and the live music made the show a pure delight.


The CHANEL 2021/22 Métiers d’art show by Virginie Viard took place inside ??19M, the new Parisian building created by CHANEL dedicated to the Fashion Métiers d’art. The model, musician and CHANEL ambassador Soo Joo Park AKA Ether joined Daniel Lopatin on stage after walking the show to sing the finale song of the artist’s exclusive soundtrack especially composed for the collection. See all the looks at https://www.chanel.com/-YT-RTW_MDA22