BEAUX HOMMES Official Store: New Collection Added – 02.24.2023



Hello LADIES, and BEAUX HOMMES readers and fans! We hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Life here in PARIS and France is fabulous, but not without problems. To deal with life, we encourage you to go “towards beauty.” 

We’ve added some fun products to our store to enhance your lives with “beauty” and “love.” We present our “private label” collection. These works come in various forms and you can apply them to goods that work for you and your style. We present a new capsule collection, entitled: Love Gives Order by BEAUX HOMMES

More “collection notes,” are coming soon. But it is based on an “expressionist” modern style, featuring “color” and “flow.”

See some of the samples below:

MUG VIEW: “Wrap-around tools within the store are there for you to see the entire vision of the designer. You can see the mug from all views or vantage points.”

MUG (Front view): “Solid color-scape, made to go with any home with style and an eye on modernity.”

PRINTS AVAILABLE: “Use the room-view tools to imagine our works in your home. A home office view. Sizes go from small to HUGE! Select what works for your decor needs, style, or gifting goals.”