18 April, 2024


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Be The Woman of Quality vs. Quantity

LADIES and Gentleman, and “fabulous people.” Hello! We hope you’re having a lovely weekend and end of summer. The heat is unbearable. All we can say on that, is please recycle, get involved in projects to save the environment, and try to lower your carbon emissions too. 

But on another note, we wanted to advice you to be more concerned with QUALITY over QUANTITY. We know at times the person who releases only garbage on the web goes places. This isn’t true. 

The next decade will belong to those who offer the “authentic self” in their online projects. Encourage fans to support your unique and loving quality; versus those who go to the extreme. Extremes are entertaining and fun, but sometimes people need more. Be the “more” in people’s lives and stay committed. It will turn around and you will have the high numbers. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!