21 May, 2024


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WHAM!: Careless Whisper (Luin’s Guilty Feet Version)

LADIES and BEAUX HOMMES readers, today would have been musical legend George Michael’s 60th birthday. He is greatly missed by the world, and of course his fans. A voice that changed the world and was like solid gold.

The pop superstar launched his career in the 1980s as part of the English pop duo Wham! He then later broke out on his own and launched his solo career. Winning the hearts and loves of more fans. Combining classic masculine styling, with his sexy Greek looks; was the formula for success. Throwing in ample amounts of style from the runways of both Paris and Milan. He is what icons should be. 

Instead of tears, we offer you this awesome mix by one of our favorite DJs and mixing geniuses, LUIN (from Australia). Luin takes the slow track and gives it funk and soul, but it has a reflective quality to it that makes people think of old loves and new ones to come. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!

VIDEO: Courtesy of Luin – YouTube

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