Up for Love / Un homme à la hauteur


Short man, tall woman taboo is fully exposed in this wonderful romantic romp by Unifrance and Gaumont. Full of wonderful French surprises. What does a professional woman who looks like a supermodel do, when she falls in love with a charming, and sexy man who is very short in height, but big in the heart and emotions where it counts. Plus makes her laugh too. Discover the joys of this incredible romantic comedy.

Kisses from PARIS!


Diane is a beautiful woman. A very beautiful woman. A brilliant lawyer, she has a sense of humor and a forceful personality. And as she has just put an end to her marriage, which was not making her happy, she is at last free to encounter the man of her life. As chance doesn’t exist, Diane receives a phone call from a certain Alexandre, who had found the mobile phone that she’d lost. Very quickly, something happens during the phone call. Alexandre is polite, funny, obviously cultivated… Diane is charmed. They quickly arrange a date. But their meeting won’t go at all as planned.

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Directed by: Laurent Tirard

Produced by: VVZ Production, Gaumont

Genre: Fiction –

Runtime: 1 h 38 min

French release: 04/05/2016

Production Year: 2015