13 July, 2024


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Think Spring, Think Love (Les hommes sont beaux.)

It’s almost here! Spring!!! The winter was tough, long, and of course full of negative news items. Yeah, the world can be like a dirty toilet bowl at truck stuff. We say flush the negativity away and use your imagination. Source, God, and The Universe give us magnificent lives and the power to use our thoughts to power our dreams.

Back to that filthy truck stop toilet. With the powers that God gave us, imagine that bowl in a beautiful meadow packed with flower, birds, and all the jewels of nature. All you see is the majesty of creation and the view on the horizon is infinite. That is the visual representation of what our thoughts can do when we fill them with love and create in beautiful cooperation with the wonders of our world. Focus on love and beauty. 

That’s all we have for you readers. We’ll be in touch.

Kisses from PARIS!!!