Survival Guide for Winter (Love)


LADIES, Gentleman, and “Fabulous People;” we welcome you to our wonderful magazine and hope Paris and French things are on your mind today. View life like art, yet keep the creature comforts that truly make us all human.

Those are air, food, wine, ideas, and most of all, LOVE. Take the chill out of modern living with a strong dose of manhood served by your side, in your heart, and most of all; in your bed. Things go “bump in the night,” in the winter months and they’re not ghosts or goblins. For a few lucky ones, maybe the bumping will render a bundle of joy 9 months into the future. For others, there’s the cuddling, and hot chocolate with French pastries. Stroking a hairy man’s chest and talking about the future you wish to build.

Kisses from PARIS!!!