Summer of Sci-Fi: Space 1999 Day – Happy Anniversary


SUMMER OF SCI-FI – 2024 – Starts on June 1st!

Happy 48th Anniversary! The #SciFi TV series #Space1999 premiered in the U.K. on this date in 1975! For those who remember, it was September 4th, 1975. It premiered in the U.S. on September 5th, 1975. The French version premiered in Canada on Sept. 1, 1975.) It was available in France on September 4th, like the UK. Although, some stations in the south of France had it in August of that year.

In our opinion, Season 1 is the best. Although Season 2 has Maya, the mesomorph and the art direction is still “top drawer” in terms of design and concept. A work of art, that should be celebrated.

Kisses from PARIS!!!